This online course teaches beginner to advanced individuals how to maximize your breath hold and tap into the secrets of the most elite underwater athletes & watermen in the world. 

It deals with key life-saving skills such as; how to do single and two person rescues, rescue response techniques and CPR & first aid procedures from world renowned Hawaiian lifeguard, Brian Keaulana. 

It also covers breathing recovery and surf specific swim techniques from world champion free-divers; William Trubridge & Ant Williams, and from big wave surfers; Shane Dorian & Mark Visser. 


How to hold your breath longer. The world's most realistic breath hold course.


Shane Dorian

11 years touring on the WSL World Championship Tour & Professional Big Wave Champion
"This course is super realistic for surfing any type of waves and surviving real situations. Super stoked with this course and excited for next winter!"

Kai Lenny

Big wave surfer and all round waterman

‘Some things I’ve been able to learn through personal experiences, but these tools shared by some of the world's best trainers gave me the confidence not only to survive a gnarly situation but potentially save someone else’s life.’ 

Tyler Wright

2x WSL Women's World Champion

"This experience has been incredible, I think its opened up a whole new world! Its almost like a safety net, if that makes sense... Of what to do, when to do it and how to handle yourself. 
I think for all girls with any interest or just any curiosity about this… jump right in."

Garrett McNamara

Big Wave Surfer & Nazaré Pioneer

"I really strongly believe that ANYBODY, not just surfers, beginners but also anybody that goes to the beach, anybody that goes around the ocean, even lakes and rivers, anybody that’s going to be around water should take this course. You'll get a situation that will be life threatening, then all of a sudden if you took this course it will be like nothing.''

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