In Person Training

with Mark Visser

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  • One on One Training
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In Person Training

with Mark Visser

  • One on One Training
  • Group Sessions
  • Corporate Events

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Private group bookings are available on request. Our team can come to your location or visit Mark on the Sunshine Coast, 
QLD Australia.

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Get the edge and enhance your skills from professional coach Mark Visser, in the new Ocean Warrior in-person experience. This program uses the theme of big wave surfing as a fun and exciting way to learn functional skills to stay calm in high stress situations. This training is adjusted and suitable for all skill levels.

This is truly a unique opportunity. Mark will be holding a special ‘one day’ event for an intimate group to attend.

Mark Visser is the 2014/15 Big Wave paddle in champion and a 3 x runner up in for the Oakley ASL Big Wave awards. For the past 12 years Mark has been an influential coach to some of the worlds most successful individuals. Working as a personal coach for the 11 x world champion Kelly Slater, the Australian SAS, the US Navy Seals, Olympic athletes, professional sporting teams and many of the biggest names in surfing wanting more confidence in waves of consequence. Mark has also been highly instrumental in the mindset training for professional coaches and billion-dollar tech companies.

This new program has been designed from real-life personal experiences from some of the best watermen and accomplished minds in the world. This program will help teach each attendee how to breakdown the barriers of fear, the science of how the mind-body connection effects our performance, and how to respond to situations vs reacting to them when it matters most. 

What’s involved?

  • Learn how to be confident and calm in extremely stressful situations

  • How to be highly efficient underwater, focus and function at an elite level

  • Heart rate and brain wave management through Breathing techniques for ‘’in’’ and ‘’out’’ of the water

  • The physiology of the body, the affects on how we function in stressful situations and how to adjust this to the outcome you desire

  • Body scanning techniques, getting out of the mind and into a transient hypofrontality state

  • The mind/body connection and how to alter our performance

  • Realistic training, have the confidence to execute in situations of importance

  • Scenario break downs of how to apply the right techniques for the right situations.


"Its almost like a safety net of just what to do and when to do it and how to handle yourself"

Tyler Wright- World Champion


The Ocean Warrior Beginner Course 2021


  • Includes the Safety, Land, Water & Realistic Course (Beginner Level)
  • Online Course - Lifetime Access - Viewable on all devices
  • Includes The Elite Mindset Program
  • 32 videos - 2hrs of easy to learn content

The Ocean Warrior Complete Course 2.0


  • IncludesĀ the Safety, Land, Water & Realistic Course (Beginner & Advanced Levels)
  • Online Course - Lifetime Access - Viewable onĀ all devices
  • IncludesĀ The Elite Mindset Program
  • 34 videos - 2hrs+16min of easy to learn content

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