The Ocean Warrior Safety Course


It's becoming a common theme when someone suffers a cardiac arrest or needs some form of medical treatment, that no one actually knows what to do. People often stand around, paralysed by fear from lack of knowledge. 

The truth is that just a little bit of insight and the understanding of a few basic medical techniques can actually save lives. There could be nothing worse than seeing someone in difficulty, possibly someone you love, with no-one prepared to step up and take control and try and save a life. 

Coupled with this, the statistics show that 90% of people that have out-of-hospital cardiac arrests do not survive.

It is estimated that having a basic understanding of CPR can triple an ailing person's chance of survival.


As we approach the end of the year holidays, winter swell seasons in the northern hemisphere and family beach times in the southern hemisphere, the Ocean Warrior Team have recognised that knowledge is empowerment. They have decided to make their pay program available for free. In their bid to empower all ocean-goers alike, their $49 Safety course is currently available free of charge. They encourage everyone to access the online course, and gather the skills necessary to be that person who has the simple knowledge to save someone's life when there is an emergency going down.

In this course, you will learn CPR, First Aid, rescue procedures and breathing techniques and earn a certificate on completion. There are PDF downloads and a comprehensive ocean checklist created by some of the best minds in the business. Most importantly, however, the course is totally straightforward, with the implicit concept that a few very basic techniques will save lives.

This course will give you 24/7 access around the world, anytime, anywhere on all mobile, tablets or internet devices. The Ocean Warrior team, make regular updates if and when any safety procedures may change, so you will always have the latest information.

The Ocean Warrior Safety Course

Normally $49 - YOURS FREE

  • Single person rescue response techniques
  • Two person rescue response techniques
  • How to know if someone is conscious or unconscious
  • How to turn a danger zone into a safety zone
  • The principles of CPR, compression rates and procedures
  • How to treat dislocations and Sunstroke. 
  • How to treat lacerations and use a tourniquet
  • How to make a make-shift tourniquet if you don’t have one.
  • The expert’s secret to safe underwater training
  • The way your body responds to underwater training
  • Signs and signals to look out for when underwater
  • Breath techniques you can use to recover faster after resurfacing
  • Printable wave recon checklist.
  • Breath techniques to stay calm before you enter the water.
  • Risk assessment, hydration and tips to fuel your body throughout the day.
  • Hand signalling, the correct way to guide a rescuer in to a location of a victim in need.  
  • Safety Course Booklet pdf download
  • Safety Course Certificate