The Ocean Warrior Complete Course

Includes the Safety, Land, Water & Realistic Course.

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The Ocean Warrior Course includes 12 Stages across 4 Sections:

Safety Course 
- Single person rescue response techniques
- Two person rescue response techniques
- How to know if someone is conscious or unconscious
- How to turn a danger zone into a safety zone
- The principles of CPR, compression rates and procedures
- How to treat lacerations and use a tourniquet
- The expert’s secret to safe underwater training
- The way your body responds to underwater training
- Signs and signals to look out for when underwater
- Techniques you can use to recover faster after resurfacing
- Safety Course Booklet pdf download
- Safety Course Assessment
- Safety Course Certificate

Land Course
- Breathing techniques to reduce your brain wave activity and calm your mind
- How to access all 5 lobes in your lungs
- How to get the most oxygen from a single breath
- How to recognise the sensations you experience during breath holds
- Training exercises to expand your lungs and teach you how to function from one breath
- The oxygen usage rate of key muscle groups and how to use this to your advantage
- 3 week comprehensive land based training program with pdf download
- Land Course Assessment
- Land Course Certificate

Beginner & Advanced Water Course
- How to prepare for fearful surf scenarios by following a proven step-by-step process to keep you calm and in control
- Key survival requirements that allow you to stay underwater longer
- The most efficient technique to swim to the surface after being held down by a wave
- How to conserve oxygen and move efficiently underwater
- How to avoid holding tension in key muscle groups so you can stay underwater longer
- The art or using ‘one’ breath and how to deal with multiple wave hold downs
- 3 week comprehensive water based training program and pdf download
- Water Course Assessment

Beginner & Advanced Realistic Training Course
- How to apply everything you have learnt in the previous stages to realistic water training
- How to deal with hold-downs even if you don’t have air in your lungs
- Key techniques on how to prepare yourself for the toughest ocean situations
- How to move, hold and breathe in high heart rate situations
- 3 week comprehensive realistic based training program and pdf download
- Realistic Training Assessment
- Advanced Course Certificate

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