The Elite Mindset Program

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The Elite Mindset Program covers:

  • Coaches Brief
  • Breathing to our advantage, the science of breathing techniques and how to best use them in multiple situations of life.
  • The effect on our nervous system and how to minimise stress before it builds up.
  • Realistic scenarios and how to apply the right techniques for any high stress situation.
  • Performance through Physiology/ Scanning the body and how to create the feeling you want to experience.
  • Breathing techniques to activate specific sections of the brain.
  • Body posture, adjusting the physical set up to change patterns that alter thoughts, before they come into our minds.
  • Leaving the mind, how to respond to situations vs reacting to them.
  • Daily practices and training techniques on to be in the ’now’ moment.
  • The ability to ‘feel’ and how this is much quicker than thinking.
  • The secrets of a smile, using real techniques to advance your abilities in your everyday life.
  • How to hit the ‘reset' button and the correct breath pattern to regain your focus.
  • The mind/body connection and the science of how this alters our performance.
  • Letting go of ego and the over thinking mind to function at the highest level.
  • Freezing up and over functioning, how this affects you as an individual and in team environments.
  • How to be efficient and productive in your work place.
  • Putting it into practice, the best way to set yourself up for success.
  • Understanding we have a choice and how follow what make us feel good.
  • How to minimise stress in ‘every’ area of life.

The Elite Mindset Program



The Elite Mindset Program


Top Features

  • Online Course
  • 16 videos with 1hr and 12 min of content
  • Suitable for all skill levels
  • Lifetime Access
  • Viewable on all devices
  • This course comes free with The Ocean Warrior Course.

The Ocean Warrior Complete Course 2.0


  • IncludesĀ the Safety, Land, Water & Realistic CourseĀ (Beginner & Advanced Levels)
  • Online Course - Lifetime Access - Viewable onĀ all devices
  • IncludesĀ The Elite Mindset Program
  • 34 videos - 2hrs + 16min of easy to learn content

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